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From Bordeaux, not Paris. I think in French, speak in Italian and work in English. After seven years roaming around Europe I decided to call London home on August 2015.

A digital editorial assistant for Topshop by day, I started The Curious Portafoglio to challenge my creativity and curiosity as well as to chat and meet with like-minded people.

Prior to working in fashion I studied Italian and International Relations which makes me a total bookworm and a person curious by nature. That’s a component of my personality I want to show through the blog whatever the subject I’m talking about. Hence why The Curious Portafoglio is first and foremost a cultural blog. I will always show my outfits, write about fashion and photography and tell you my tribulations as a creative in London under that lens.

The Program:

  • An outfit or a post relative to my style every Monday
  • A post about fashion, what inspires me or my life as a creative every Wednesday
  • A post about photography every two weeks on Friday
  • A podcast about the creatives inspiring me each beginning of month

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Also, can’t pronounce “Portafoglio”? Just replace the ‘gl’ by three ‘l’. Now say: Porta-fo-lll-io. Bravo! You’re now fluent in Italian and learned how to say portfolio!




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