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5 Great Newsletters To Sign Up For


5 Great Newsletters To Sign Up For

How do you stay in the know? For me it’s definitely newsletters! I even have a dedicated mailbox for that on Gmail. Because time is limited, I find newsletters to be the best to stay informed about things I care about. So today I wanted to share with you my top 5.

The Newsette 

The Newsette is the perfect morning read. It is divided into 4 parts:

  • Things to do today which introduces you to one healthy habit a day
  • Things to know which introduces you to the latest news, pop culture and celebrities stuff along with everything you need to know about social media
  • Best pics on Instagram which is great to discover new people to follow
  • Interviews of working women telling you about their morning or evening routine.

The WW Club Newsletter 

For those reading this blog, you already know how much I love Phoebe Lovatt and the WW Club. Not only her podcast and site are great but her newsletter is really worth subscribing to! I could list every reason why you’ll fall in love with Phoebe’s content but she’s such a great marketer that you can have, as a non-subsciber, access to an example of why it is my favourite newsletter EVER here.

Fashion Network Newsletter 

Fashion Network is a site for people working in fashion. In their newsletter you will find all the latest insider news about the industry.  It exists in many languages so I subscribed to the British, French and Italian ones to get localized news. It’s very factual so it’s fast to read and doesn’t require all your concentration. It’s the perfect newsletter to read during your commute after work.

BoF Daily Digest 

I cannot not mention BoF in that list. It has become such an institution! I always enjoy reading their Daily Digest on everything related to the business of fashion. I think sooner or later I’ll have to stop being stubborn and pay to get to read more than 10 articles a month.

Glossy Newsletter  

Glossy is my new discovery. Don’t let the name fool you! It’s actually the first online publication I see really talking in-depth about fashion and technology. I first discovered the podcast – which is fantastic – and then the newsletter. And because I’m an avid reader, they included me within their group of subscribers having access to Glossy+, their weekly newsletter including exclusive content not featured in their daily one. So they sure know how to make you feel special without paid subscription!

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