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Shopping Bag: Things I want but don’t need

Shopping Bag: Spring Outfit Idea


From time to time I like doing things differently. Have you seen my title? I’m no big spender on my clothes but still, I like wandering around sites, put things in my shopping bag and never buy them…

During that time what happens in my head is usually something like this: “do I need it or not?” and since the answer is most of the time NO I end up not buying. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to. It’s just that my mind is divided into two parts when it comes to shopping. The needing one and the desiring one. I’m usually someone led by her instinct so I find it quite funny that for this case I follow my reason. If I buy something I desire, it is always because I want to reward myself (and have the money in my bank account). Say I’ve worked on something that performed well, that’s when I’m going to gift myself (and get korean food).

So today let me introduce you to my first shopping bag of things I want but don’t need. Today’s choice is all about my spring dressing. I built the outfit around those Mango jeans that remembered me my highschool years. How much I loved wearing skirts over pants! I chose the hooded top for its oversized cut and matched it with the mules to play with the stripes. The raffia bag is there because it is the perfect spring/summer accessory to me, also it reminds me of Jane Birkin. Last are the Alighieri Jewellery ring and Felice Dahl earrings I added because they ae the kind of details making a look special. Alighieri and Felice Dahl are two jewellery brands I’m really keeping an eye on. And speaking of this, one of the jewellery designer will be on the podcast!

All this said, what kind of shopper are you? 

  1. hooded top, Stylenanda
  2. Jeans, Mango 
  3. Mules, Topshop
  4. Ring, Alighieri
  5. Earrings, Felice Dahl
  6. Raffia bag, Mango


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