At London Fashion Week, Spur-Of-The-Moment

London Fashion Week StreetStyle


Just like I said you before  here is my first picture from London Fashion Week. And it’s my favourite one. To me London Fashion Week is not really interesting for the style, it’s really rare I find a look interesting. Instead I prefer observing photographers. I like the way they observe, the concentration in their eyes, the way they ‘hunt’ for their subject.

Just a minute before I took this picture, this girl was looking at her camera wondering if she took any good picture. Then she lifted her head with this look on her face I had to capture. In the serie of pictures I’ve taken from London Fashion Week, there are barely any look. Most of my pictures are portraits of photogaphers or individuals I found interesting.

There is a huge difference between my first Fashion Week images and the one I’m going to show you. I used a 70 mm lens for the first time and what a change! My pictures are almost journalistic and I love that path I’m taking. Now thinking about it, most of the photographes I’m following on Instagram are photo journalists. So that might explain this shift. Fashion Week is the easy way to photograph people because everyone wants their picture taken. But seeing the path I’m taking I might as well try street or portrait photography.


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