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In my blogging manifesto, I told you creating a podcast was one of the project I had for the blog. Well, it is taking shape now as I’m here to introduce you to The Curious Listener!

I listen to podcast all the time. On commute, when I walk, when I clean my house and even at work. I’m pod-ssessed! Podcasts make me laugh, cry but above all they make me curious. Learning while reading is more difficult for me now.  I spend most of my time in front of a computer, so reading means I really need to be commited. And knowing the type of person, I’ll need a pen and a highlighter. Podcasts don’t require any of that, if I hear something important I’ll use quickly my phone memo and that’s it. Also, you can listen and rewind as much as you can.

The Curious Listener is a chilled podcast, you’ll hear my little French accent and my witch’s laugh. I also hope through it we’ll get to know each other better. So feel free to drop me an email or a comment about it!

Now without further ado I let you with the trailer of The Curious Listener!

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