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How To Stay Focused On Your Resolutions

Stay Focused With Your Resolutions Using A Mantra

January is the month when everyone wishes for a fresh new start by making resolutions. I used to not do any, but this year this has to change. Since I came to London one year and a half ago, I noticed I was losing my focus. I’ve already told you about how London is not an easy city to live, but I can’t blame it all on the city’s lifestyle. I’ve become the worst kind of procrastinator. Even for the things I enjoy the most (blogging anyone?).

So I’m using 2017 as an excuse to beat the hell out of this bad habit! And, if you’re wondering why I’m talking about resolutions only now, it’s simply because I think you can make them anytime in a year. If you feel the need to change something in your life, do it as you’re thinking, don’t wait! If not you’re procrastinating like me!

To make a fresh new start, think about a focus word that will lead you through the year

For me this focus word is commitment. When I think about resolutions, I feel it’s about being committed to do something. But the other thing about resolutions is that we end up not following them because of course we’re humans and life gets in the way but to me it’s more that we actually don’t set any goals. Having one word to lead me helps me knowing where I want to go. See, I didn’t choose commitment by case. Remember, I’m a chronic procrastinator which means I lack commitment because I always end up delaying things for whatever reason.

In buddhism, a mantra is a word or sound said repeatedly to help you focus on your meditation. That’s exactly how I think about commitment. It’s a mantra, a reminder to not give up. Because this is what commitment is about in my opinion. Not giving up.

Choose a key word that will help you see what needs improvement in your life

When I realized I lacked commitment, I started looking where in my life I suffered the most from it. And it appeared in 2016 I’ve been neglecting my health, the blog and somehow my work. So this is where I’ve decided to put my focus on. Said like this, it seems pretty vague, but to me it’s the best way to see progress. Again, I didn’t choose commitment by case. More than a word, it’s a concept that I can apply to different areas of my life. It’s not about saying ‘I’ll commit to eat better, do sport every day etc…’ but rather asking myself what I can do to make these changes happen.

Because life isn’t only about one thing, I think it’s great to observe your life on a personal, creative (if you’re one) and professional level and see how your focus word sits with all these.

Looking for resources to rock 2017?

I can’t recommend enough to have a look at and download the 2017 goal-setting spreadsheet created by Phoebe Lovatt – founder of the WW Club, a community aimed to help creative women. When I was writing this post I was actively looking for a great spreadsheet to plan my year and above all see how I’m progressing and Phoebe’s is the best I’ve seen so far hence the recommendation. Download the worksheet and you’ll see how she explained (way better than me) how to stay focused with your resolutions.

Last but not least, after writing this, I guess it should be fun to document and share how I progress with the goals I’ve set for myself in 2017 so stay tuned for some content about it!


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