• The Curious Listener with Natural Hairstylist Vivi

    The Curious Listener: Ayawa Hairstyle By Vivi

    Youtube: Fashion Hood TV Instagram: vvjewelz Blog: vvfashionhood.blogspot.fr Episode 3 of The Curious Listener is out! This time I talked to Vivi. I met her during the first edition of Afropunk…

  • The Black Breton Top
    Personal Style

    The Black Breton Top

      Though French style is not my cup of tea, there are still some French basics I enjoy wearing. The marinière* better known as breton top in English is one of…

  • 5 Great Newsletters To Sign Up For
    The Creative Life

    5 Great Newsletters To Sign Up For

      How do you stay in the know? For me it’s definitely newsletters! I even have a dedicated mailbox for that on Gmail. Because time is limited, I find newsletters to be the best…

  • The Black Uniform
    Personal Style

    The Black Uniform

    This outfit post signs my 15th one on the blog. I am pretty happy I sticked with them as I’m enjoying the process of taking my own pictures and playing with…

  • The Japanese Coat
    Personal Style

    The Japanese Coat

    Apparently I am not getting over pleats, slides and Mango these days. I didn’t realize but the whole outfit (minus the coat) is from Mango. I don’t shop often but I have…

  • The Pleated Dress
    Personal Style

    The Pleated Dress

      I bought that Mango pleated dress a couple of months after my arrival in London. When I left Germany, I gave all the clothes I didn’t want or couldn’t bring…

  • Steve McCurry A Father has tea with his daughter in this house in Kamdesh, Afghanistan

    Photographers To Follow: Steve McCurry

    A Father has tea with his daughter in this house in Kamdesh, Afghanistan, a town in the remote Nuristan Province high in the Hindu Kush. The wood-paneled walls are covered with…

  • Denim outfit with star-spangled jeans
    Personal Style

    The Star-Spangled Jeans

    It’s been a while since my last outfit post, so I’m back with jeans I’ve found at sample sales! I fell in love as soon as I saw them. I don’t…

  • At London Fashion The Portrait

    At London Fashion Week, The Portrait

    It’s no secret I’m a big fan of portrait photography. People faces are interesting for the array of emotions they express and what they tell you about their owners. No wonder…

  • London Fashion Week Street Style inspiration
    Fashion Personal Style

    The Girl With The Earring

      I am definitely into accessories. After the girl with the beret comes the girl with the earring. I wear earrings most of the time but lately I must admit I’m…

  • The Curious Listener Podcast For Creatives

    Welcome To The Curious Listener

      In my blogging manifesto, I told you creating a podcast was one of the project I had for the blog. Well, it is taking shape now as I’m here to…

  • The Girl With The Beret
    Fashion Personal Style

    The Girl With The Beret

      Today no outfit post but a picture from London Fashion Week where I played again streetstyle photographer. I thought a different approach on personal style was great. I’m not that…

  • Working Culture Great Manager
    The Creative Life

    When I Met A Great Manager

      I originally planned this post on January to talk about my professional growth. Meanwhile I was planning this my manager informed me she was leaving. Last Thursday was her last…

  • Mango Topshop Unique co-ord
    Personal Style

    Un-Co-Ordinating Made Fun

    If you read that blog you’ll know co-ords are not my cup of tea. The total look makes me cringe hence why I love ‘un-co-ordinating’. Today’s outfit is the combination of…

  • The French Silhouette
    Personal Style

    Creating My French Silhouette

    Everyone is familiar with the Little Black Dress Coco Chanel created. Now a classic, I believe it is at the foundation of French style. Each time I think about the French…

  • H&M Black Checked Outfit
    Personal Style

    Black Canvas

    I found these pictures on my Dropbox and thought there were perfect for a style story. These images  really represent how I dress for the office on a lazy day (but…

  • Mango Co-Ord and Boots
    Personal Style

    The Co-Ord

    As much as I love suits and menswear, I can’t say the same about co-ords. There is something about it that I don’t like. Maybe it’s the total look thing or…

  • Topshop Suit Hidden Forest Market Socks
    Personal Style

    Menswear In The Air

    Each time I am wearing this co-ord, I always feel like Gene Kelly. Along with my dad, he contributed to make me love menswear. And when I say menswear, I mean…

  • Making It Wok In London The WW Club Phoebe Lovatt
    The Creative Life

    Making It Work In London

    Picture by Phoebe Lovatt A little bit more than one year ago, I moved to London. After two years in Munich, I felt uninspired and thought leaving would help my creativity…

  • Outfit Topshop Denim Jumpsuit Mango Boots
    Personal Style

    The Parents Repelling Jumpsuit

    This jumpsuit is my best Topshop buy ever. I am literally living in it. I just love the idea that when I wear it I don’t put too much thought. It’s…

  • BIker jacket
    Personal Style

    The First Outfit Post

      Enregistrer I didn’t plan creating outfit posts for The Curious Portafoglio. There are already enough personal style bloggers so why add to the noise? That was exactly my thought until…